Public Relations Meets Graphic Design


If you’re reading this, you’re probably somewhat involved with public relations…and if you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t expect to also feel like a graphic designer at times. The PR industry is constantly changing and growing into something new and different. With those changes and growth came the implementation of graphic design in public relations. For me, this is the scariest thing ever. But hey, maybe you’re a creative genius!! However, if you’re like me and design isn’t really your thing…here’s three reasons why you need graphic design skills as a PR professional.

Bettering Your Organization

Being able to create graphics for flyers, emails, advertisements or anything else that might come up will only help your organization you work for. Not only will help them…but this helps you! When your employer sees that your work goes beyond what is expected of you, suddenly your value can exponentially increase. What can this mean? Respect, (positive) reputation and raises! Yep, that’s right I said raises. If an employee possesses the skill-set to complete the task of another professional that the company would have outsourced or hired internally to do the job, that employee is highly valued. Theoretically, you are saving your company money!!


Push Yourself

The thought of learning new things is not always appealing, but as a public relations practitioner there is at least one reason that you should make you excited to learn design skills…pushing yourself to be better!

*Side note: small piece of life advice—always do what you can to make yourself a better person*

Anytime you are presented with an opportunity to better yourself, take it. Adding design skills to your tool belt will make you the best PR practitioner you can be. This point is as straight forward as it gets. Learn graphic design skills and push yourself to be better. That is all.

Here are some links to articles about pushing yourself to be better and WHY it is necessary:




Maybe some of those blogs don’t hit home with you, but they each contain different aspects and pieces of advice that are perfect and helpful for this exact situation!

Jack of All Trades

You already know how to be a public relations practitioner, add in a solid set of design skills and you, my friend, are officially a multi-skilled jack of all trades. It’s no secret that employers always look for employees with a wide variety of skills. If you’re in my current situation (aka you don’t have a job and are in the market for one) then you desperately need to have as many skills that can possibly fit on a one-page resume. Imagine how happy your boss would be if you could be there go to girl for almost anything PR, marketing or graphic related. Picture this…you’re sitting in your super cool (probably small, because hello entry level position) office and your boss comes to you and asks to write a press release, social media post and design a flyer all about the new campaign your company is currently running. Guess what your response can be if you have design skills? You’d probably respond with something along these lines, “Oh, of course I can do all of those things, because I have the skills to complete them all with no problem.” And you’ll say it with the most confident look on your face because you are a public relations genius.

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