Dear Freshman Me.

Ahh, freshman year of college. That year felt a lot like jumping into the deep end when you couldn’t even see the pool. So many new people, places and things…it’s no wonder freshman me made so many mistakes.

If I could give myself some advice it’d be a little something like this:

  • STOP comparing!!
  • Know your values!
  • Just go with it.

STOP Comparing

Get ready because this is the BIGGEST piece of advice freshman me needs to hear.

Coming from a small town where my class consisted of a little over 100 people, I had no idea what it truly felt like to be a small fish in a big pond. In high school I was one of the “smart kids” who didn’t have to study to make A’s. I quickly realized that doesn’t work at Auburn after I failed my first Biology test. FAILED. Not a C, not a D…FAILED!! That was a huge culture shock for me. Now add that on top of being hundreds of miles from home and only knowing a few people. It felt lonely and discouraging to say the least. So what did I do? Nothing productive that would make me feel better mentally or physically. No, that would make too much sense. Instead, I compared myself to every single person around me. Every pretty girl that walked by I would name all the ways she’s prettier than me. Every person in my class who got an A on the test I just made a C on I would envy because I felt like they were light years ahead of me academically. Every person I saw jogging around campus I would secretly dislike because I felt they were more physically fit than me.

Can you guess what all of this boiled down to? An 18-year-old college freshman with a low self-esteem. Bad decisions were made and the loneliness just grew. So, here’s what I learned from that experience. WHO CARES?! Who cares what everyone else is doing?! Do you and STOP comparing! Let me say it again for the people in the back…STOP COMPARING! Who you are is not diminished because of other people’s achievements. Stop comparing your major to Tiffany’s and just be who you are.

If you struggle with comparison, here are links to words of encouragement:




Know Your Values

For these next two points I’ll keep it short…because honestly that’s all they need.

Freshman me was pretty willing to do/say anything to be cool or liked. You’d think I would have learned this lesson in high school that people who make you feel that way aren’t worth it, but I guess I’m a slow learner.

If freshman me is listening…KNOW YOUR VALUES! Know them like the back of your hand sister, and don’t you dare compromise them for anyone. Your values make you the person you are and giving other people the power to take those away from you is giving them the power to determine who you are. And that’s not cool, sister.

Check out these helpful links:




Just Go with It

Freshman me was such a planner that the slightest change threw everything out of control. I only have one thing to say here, and if you’re also a control freak I advise you to take note of this.

You can’t control what you can’t control. Boom. That’s it.

If freshman me could have wrapped this concept around her brain, the amount of stress I had would’ve exponentially decreased. #Blessed that current me is starting to get a grip on this.

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