Learning to See…Graphically

You know that thing that you are really good at? I mean you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing…it just comes naturally. Graphic design is definitely not that thing for me! Learning to have the eye of a graphic designer has been a major culture shock for me. I mean, who knew that spacing had such an impact on the overall effect of a design?! While attempting to master all of the different tools in the adobe creative programs I have learned that the best design skill you can master is “the eye.” Oh, the coveted eye of design. Have I mastered it yet? Nope!! But hey…it’s all about the journey my friends.

I have come up with a few tips on how to begin to find your design eye. Like I said, it’s a journey. One that I am still right smack in the middle of, but I think these tips will definitely be a great starting point!

  • It’s all in the spacing
  • Look for distractions
  • Do what you want!!


When I started working on designs with logos and business cards I struggled with getting the spacing just right.  I either had too much space or not enough…there was never a perfect medium. And trust me, it’s all in the spacing!! After some instruction, and a few breakdowns because nothing was coming together effortlessly, I realized that the spacing should be used to help you, not hurt you. Take your design and work with what you’ve got to make sure that the spacing helps your design be what it should be instead of being a distraction. When I was trying to perfect my logo, working the spacing felt completely impossible. Until I realized that the font size, stroke weight, kerning and color all play into the spacing. Then, I got it right.

Here are some links to websites that helped me with spacing:




Believe it or not, it is much easier to create a distracting design than an effective one. Distractions can find their way into your design in the smallest of forms. Is your font too bold? Not bold enough? Do your colors clash? The list is endless. However, I’ve found that the best way to avoid creating a distracting design is by having a plan. From the beginning map out what you want to accomplish. Run it by someone who’s design eye you trust, or maybe even a couple people. Do what you need to do to make sure your plan

is nearly foolproof, then stick to it. Obviously plans can change and in that event just roll with the creativity and check for distractions later…but, for those of us with little creativity and design skill, just stick to the plan. As you can see in my logo, my plan for staying away from distraction is to keep it simple. If you’re someone who really likes to push the envelope, try to avoid distractions in the little things! Aka…font, color, space, kerning, etc.


Here are some links to help you create graphic designs without distractions:



Stay True to You

Finding your design eye is all about truly finding your design eye!! When you start to work on your designs don’t be afraid to go with what you like. If it isn’t authentic to you, then don’t do it! Honestly, this section is pretty simple and straightforward…stay true to you my friend. If you hate it then that should be a clear sign that it isn’t something you should put your name on. Mic drop.

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